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Festivals of Ladakh

Dosmochey Festival

Celebrated with great fervour every year, Dosmochey is one of the most popular festivals of Ladakh. It is simultaneously celebrated in Leh, Diskit and Likir monasteries during the month of February. In Leh, the festival is held in the courtyard below the Leh Palace where Lamas adorned with masks from various monasteries perform sacred dances (Chams).

Location: courtyard below Leh Palace

13 - 14 February 2018
02 - 03 February 2019

Stok Guru Tsechu Festival

Along with Matho Nagrang festival, the Stok Guru Tsechu is the festival of oracles. But unlike the one in Matho, the oracles of Stok are laypersons who are prepared by the monks so that they can invoke the spirit of deities and predict the future of the village.

Location: Stok monastery

24 - 25 February 2018
14 - 15 February 2019

Matho Nagrang Festival

This festival taking place in the Matho gompa is well-known for oracles. The two monks chosen to be oracles need to meditate for months for the preparation so that they can be ready for the festival and tell the future of the people.

Location: Matho monastery

01 - 02 March 2018
18 - 19 February 2019

Saka Dawa, Buddha Purnima or Vesak Day

This festival marks the birth of Lord Buddha, his enlightenment and death. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour by people of Ladakh. Cultural programs and speech on life of Lord Buddha are organized at Leh polo ground.

Location: all over Ladakh

29 May 2018
17 June 2019

Sindhu Darshan Festival

This festival is celebrated to mark the importance of the river Sindhu (Indus). The river is considered as the birthplace of Indian civilization, the symbol of India's unity. People from different parts of the country converge to Ladakh and showcase cultural programs during the festival. Tributes are also paid to soldiers who gave their lives in the line of duty.

Location: near Shey village

12 - 14 June 2018
12 - 14 June 2019

Hemis Tsechu Festival

This festival is held to celebrate the birthday of Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. Sacred mask dances are performed by the resident monks of the monastery in the courtyard. The monastery is home to the world̢۪s largest thangka or Tibetan scroll painting. This two-storey high thangka is unveiled once every 12 years. The thangka was displayed in the year 2016 and it will be shown again in 2028.

Location: Hemis monastery

23 - 24 June 2018
11 - 12 July 2019

Phyang Tsedup Festival

During the festival, sacred mask dances are performed by monks. A huge thangka of Skyoba Jigten Gombo, the founder of the Drikungpa order, is displayed.

Location: Phyang monastery

11 - 12 July 2018
30 - 31 July 2019

Ladakh Festival

This festival is organised by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department. Various cultural programs are held such as folk dances, traditional music, archery competitions and polo matches. Mask dances are one of the highlights of the festival. This festival is a perfect opportunity for the tourists to discover the culture and lifestyle of the Ladakhi people.

Location: Leh

20 - 26 September 2018 (to be confirmed)
20 - 26 September 2019 (to be confirmed)

Losar Festival

The Losar festival marks the start of the New Year in Ladakh, it is one of the most important socio-religious events. It lasts about two weeks but the first three days are the most important ones. During this time, Ladakhi people go to the monasteries to make offerings and they visit their relatives and friends.

Location: all over Ladakh

08 December 2018
27 December 2019

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