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What is Trekking?

Just as white summer – cloud, in harmony with heaven and earth, freely floating in the blue sky from horizon following the breath of the atmosphere- in the same way the pilgrim abandons himself to the breath of the greater life that wells up from the depth of his being and leads him beyond the farther horizons to an aim which is already present with him, though yet hidden from his sight.

Lama Anagarika Govinda. The way of the white clouds.

Trekking is the most natural way to travel through the mountain land – on foot and at human speed, as with all travel it is as its best when it becomes a sort of pilgrimage, a challenging game played to enrich you physically, emotionally and occasionally spiritually. Of course, this kind of game can be played at home, yet here are some places that lends a hand to the “ pilgrim” places where it’s easier to live simply and at a slower pace, where the landscape creates awe and demands respect, and where the way of life challenges your pre- conceptions and offers refreshing alternatives.

Travelling on foot with few luxuries but with all your basic needs is a liberating experience. This may be hard to appreciate on the first few days of a trek as you struggle with the physical pain of exercise, the discomfort of few possessions and the mental torment of veering from intense happiness one moment t to the depth of despair the next. Then suddenly you break through the barrier. Rising with the sun, walking all day and sleeping under the stars feels the most natural thing in the world. Your body thrives on its new – found energy while your mind, nulled by the rhythm of walking, is freed from its habits and rush. This is the intoxication of being truly alive.

Trekking offers wonderful opportunities for direct interaction with unique cultures and the natural world, while also providing precious moments to explore your own values and capabilities. If you walk through the Himalaya with an open mind as well as awareness and sensivity, you will have done everything to ensure a fascinating and rewarding.

    Guided Trekking Groups.

As the size of a group increases, or the level of services you require grows, it begins to make sense to employ the help of a local trekking agency and Snowbird Himalaya Adventures is the right place for making your arrangement’s come together in one place. For those cost is not a major importance, or those who would rather let someone else worry about where and how to pitch a tent, how far to walk each day and what to have for meals, a fully organized and guided trek is the answer.
Almost anything can be arranged from a simple but efficient trek with tents, food, ponies, guide and cook up to a luxury trek with excellent food., separate toilet, dinning and kitchen tent.

    What you get for your money.

A complete pre planned trekking package is laid on so that there is nothing left for you to organize. International flights, high quality hotels, most meals, guided tours, transfer and transportation are all included, n the trek itself everything is provided, all you have to do is keep placing one foot in front of the other. The success of the trip depends on the quality of the leader and the local ground handling agents. The day logistic of the trek is in the hand of an experienced local guide.

    Pros and Cons:

Not everyone finds it easy to travel with total strangers and rifts in the group are not common, there can be problems with sticking to such a fixed itinerary and always with the group, there is little time to go exploring on your own, to interact independently with the locals, to meet fellow trekker’s who aren’t in your group or to take a rest day when you feel like it.
Snowbird Himalaya adventures is a certified wilderness first Aid responder with skills related to handle issues faced in the mountains, certified by international mountain leadership institutes based in Marietta, Oklahoma. USA.