Snowbird Himalaya Adventures

What To Take

Keep it Light.

How much you take is a very personal decision, some trekkers love to travel as light as the locals, while others are happy only when they have countless bits of equipment’s for every possible occasion, most of which they will never us, it takes experience to know that you will find useful but if in doubt about anything on your list, be ruthless and leave it at home.



Your boots are probably the single most important item of gear that can affect the enjoyment of your trek, most of the trails in Ladakh involves crossing fairly rough and steep ground from time to time. You should there for look for a boot which provides good ankle support, has reasonably stiff sole, has an upper which is essential enough o provide protection from knocks and is water proof enough for crossing shallow streamlets and walking through late lying snow on high passes. If you plan to climb summits you will need both that are stiff enough to accept articulated crampons.